Logitech Mediaserver failed to start

Could not access Logitech Mediaserver through iPeng or the webpage interface. First I suspected firewall rules in my lan, but no they were not to blame. Nor was it a problem with portforwarding in my router. The reason for the problem waas that my Ubuntu Server partition had run out of disk space. Luckily that could be solved by reprtitioning the partition sizes. The disk operations went smoothly and now I’m again able to stream music.

R Charts

Real nice examples and tools of R charting capabilities (or graphs). The link is here: R Charts

Amsterdam marathon

The Amsterdam marathon was recommended to me by a friend. it should be nice and fast course. The number of participants is already quite high and I haven’t yet made up my mind. The link is here: Amsterdam marathon

Get Productive

Find a nice link for sites that are supposed to increase your productivity. The link is here: Get Productive

High resolution music

Updated the links for high resolution downloads. Still wonder why the premium for high res music is so high.

Site start

Testing the the new site. Jekyll seems to be a good platform for building a static web site.