R Graphs

16 June 2016

Real nice examples and tools of R charting capabilities (or graphs). The link is here: R Charts

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Euro Cup 2016 Tippning

10 June 2016

Länk för att komma till Euro Cup 2016 tippningen. The link is here: Euro Cup 2016

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Amsterdam marathon

24 May 2014

The Amsterdam marathon was recommended to me by a friend. it should be nice and fast course. The number of participants is already quite high and I haven't yet made up my mind. The link is here: Amsterdam marathon

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Get productive

11 September 2013

Find a nice link for sites that are supposed to increase your productivity. The link is here: Get Productive

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High Res Music

14 August 2013

Updated the links for high resolution downloads. Still wonder why the premium for high res music is so high.

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